Arez's Journal

9th September 2016

Reaching the Arab communities

We recently did a Facebook advert and in a week we were pleased to gain over 100 Likes.

Some of our new followers bought and gave us excellent reviews. Arez is working and it's service is in demand. 

We continue to increase our product range. Many customers have called and written to us asking for Baklava and Lebanese Bread. We aim to stock these by end of September. 

Happy shopping all!! 


4th August 2016

Barbican. A runaway success!! 

I must say the success we've had with Barbican has taken us by surprise. No doubt it is our number one seller across our entire range.

It has been great to see non Arab customers also wanting Barbicans. Some tell me they've been to Lebanese restaurants and googled where to buy it, wanting more and eager to share with their friends and family. Others had worked or travelled to the Middle-East, came back looking for Barbicans. 

Our most popular flavours have been Strawberry and Apple. Personally I enjoy the Raspberry flavour the most.

Barbican is a lovely drink and before setting up Arez I hadn't heard of it. It's lovely served cold and for those looking for zero alcohol it's a beautiful, cool, flavoured drink! 


24 July 2016

Range and Packing: a new focus

When I started Arez I wanted to stock everything Lebanese. And as much as that is good, we did end up stocking products we had never heard of, and brands our customers did not recognise. As you can imagine these hardly sold. I believe myself and all of us at Arez learnt a lot from this – our enthusiasm cannot get the better of us – we have to listen to our customers and grow as the service of Arez spreads.  

Over the last 2 months I've made it a strong focus to work with my suppliers and understand what is in demand, what tastes good and what brands do our customers recognise.

If you've shopped with us before I hope you start seeing a difference in our range. And I'll encourage you to please let us know of products you would love to see. And with time we will work on bringing those in - perhaps sooner than you think! 

Recently we have greatly improved the packaging of orders to customers. In the past we used bubble wrap on every glass product. We always found it tiring to pack and thought the customer must find it very annoying to unpack. These days we aim to use zero bubble wrap so goods arrive ready to easily and quickly place in fridges and cupboards. On our end we also enjoy packing it this way knowing you'd be happier when the box arrives.